We are 15 years old and are live in San Antonio and Bornoe, Texas. We are starting to do tournaments. If any of yall know of any tournaments in the south or central area please contact us. We are also looking for sponsors so cantact us if you would like to sponsor us.
We got a youtube channel full of fishing videos and many other videos, be sure to go check it out. Its raplamaster03

Hunter and Zach 
 South Texas Fishing Team
Contact Info
 Contact us if you know of any tournaments. We would really like one at Lake L.B.J. Also contact us if you know of any good junior bass clubs or tournys. Contact us if you would like to sponsor our team
Lake L.B.J Fishing report
 Updated 4/22/10-
largemouth bass-Good- are bitting good on rapala baby bass rattlin trap. Also on Rat L Trap bleeding shad. Bitting on watermelon seed and bait fish flukes by zoom.
White Bass-Excalent- are bitting on live and dead minow alot at the power plant. At night they are great in all the green lights and lights off docks using spinners and minows.
Catfish-slow- catfish arnt bitting to much
Crapie-Good- crapie are bitting on minows at power plant. are also bitting on small spinners.
Drum-slow- arnt bitting to much

Largemouth- Good
White bass- Excalent